Monday, July 11, 2011


A face pressed against the glass of the small window in our front door, a blurred image that then ran into the darkness when Beth, in securing the house late Saturday evening, stepped up to meet it unexpectedly. I investigated her report and took some precautions, but sleep afterwards was hard to grasp. The railroad tracks are on a hill just above us, a hobo, perhaps, hungry and in need, scared as much by her as she was of him. Never in the nearly twenty years that we’ve lived here has that ever happened before; but this country is currently facing some serious hard times…. Sunday morning I arose early to sunshine, and a mischievous chipmunk sitting on the steps before that same entrance to the house. Beth opted to miss church in an attempt to make up for her loss of slumber; but it was my group’s scheduled visit with the kids at the Detention Center. Rested or not, I wasn’t about to miss that. My own thoughts were disoriented, any message to be shared really no more than a few puzzle pieces with no idea yet on how to assemble them into something that made sense. What’s more, during the ride over, the other members of the team each expressed their own similar lack of direction, feelings of mental fatigue. Nonetheless, within the depths of that facility, from the very start of fellowship with about twenty-five youth seated before us, there was a flow of the Spirit connecting us in one theme, taking us into a unity that included the guards. Ears were open to hear, minds to receive a truth that life, in all circumstances, is enriched with purpose and given meaning in abundance through a knowledge of His presence in our midst…..

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