Friday, July 8, 2011


The double root canal endured the other morning seemed a piece of cake, the most painful thing about it being the thought of paying the dentist what amounted to more than four hundred dollars an hour for his expertise. Last night, however, slight discomfort turned into somewhat serious throbbing, awakening me at one, requiring another dose of Advil, and sending me to my recliner where I alternately read and attempted slumber until four in the morning. No concerns today, though, other than a consistent need to catnap. Rain has kept me inside for the most part, “Atlas Shrugged” holding my attention, but digested in small portions between crossword puzzles and trips to the computer. Boredom equals boredom. At one point, I googled “images” in a search for something new, someone who could entertain me with their religious point of view on whatever; but the more I looked, the more I understood why the subject is not everybody’s cup of tea. There may be one God and one Book, but there is a variety of opinions out there, a multitude of messages, a plethora of preachers with prophetic perspectives. It’s no wonder people think anyone at all aggressive with the Word to be just another ding-a-ling fanatic. Faith is personal. To each their own. Witness comes through the Holy Ghost, doesn’t require swinging a sword, and should bring relief, not a dull ache…..

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