Tuesday, July 12, 2011


There’s a spot in my backyard that has meaning only to me. It’s nothing elaborate, just an outside, wooden, two-seater bench built by my brother-in-law and positioned near a shrub that managed to survive last winter’s snow. What it serves is my frequent need to sit down and breathe, to simply stop and soak in the sounds of life around me. Other than the couple of squirrels who occasionally get brave enough to ignore my presence, a variety of birds is my main source of entertainment, feeding my thoughts every bit as much as they interrupt them. Yesterday three blue jays had my attention for some time, dancing around from limb to limb, the two males obviously sparring with each other while the female, seemingly, was merely enjoying so much rivalry on display in her behalf. Fun for me to watch, also; but, in the middle of it all, it struck me how, even though cartoons may “humanize” these events, giving creatures brains and emotions they don’t possess, in reality the whole scene was but a production governed by instinct, a ritual performed out of some original internal blueprint stamped within them by the Creator. They operate out of a program designed by God! Then it hit me: Is it any different with us? Aren’t we, too, meant to know an inner source of divine instruction? The schematics are not similar. I am not a beast. I do not function in a fashion void of mentality. I do need, however, that inner connection with His presence and how glad I am that, in Christ, that amounts to much more than a “genetic chip”…..

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