Thursday, July 21, 2011


For me, last night at the mission was like splashing in the water, trying to fall in and swim, but never quite managing to find the flow. Even though the room was air-conditioned, the stifling heat already endured that day seemed to have left all of us a bit exhausted and, while our words were well received, fellowship embraced, somehow that point where we, in unison, become one with Him was never reached. It happens. Such occasion, however, in no way means that nothing was accomplished. That which was shared was broken and eaten. Seed was sown. His name and His goodness was lifted up… I’m reading a John Hagee book, “In Defense of Israel”, my pastor’s church in Pensacola very much into CUFI, a national grassroots organization birthed in the hope of showing Christian support for this land and these people from whom our own faith emerged. In truth, the perusal has opened my eyes a bit, my previous reasoning for why America seems to have abandoned its commitment to the Jews pointing to (a) the Muslim influence now residing within our borders, and (b) a President whose history is entangled therein. What the preacher, in this volume, however, makes known is a Church whose own past has shown it gullible enough to have often followed anti-Semitic propaganda to the extent of committing murder and mayhem, a fact which cannot be ignored in a declaration of who we are, as believers, today. The problem, as I see it, is not in the Kingdom of God as Jesus delivered it unto us, but in a “membership” blind in attempting to regulate it out of its own carnality rather than the reality of Christ “in” me, the actuality of those last three words equating to an “anchor-line stagger down the path”…..

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