Tuesday, July 19, 2011


There are some dark clouds rumbling this morning, just over the hills to the east, an inconsistent sprinkle making threats, but thus far merely just a gray, dismal start to another day. The birds are silent. The squirrels and my little chipmunk friend apparently have no interest in getting wet. My mood matches the moment, my thoughts seemingly swimming in a cup of mud. It’s like walking in a thick fog where each step through a misty curtain merely gives access to more of the same. I caught some information on the television last night concerning the number of people in America who each year suffer traumatic brain injury, mostly from a car accident or participation in sports, but not entirely. About twenty percent die, but the others, roughly 1.365 million, are just released after treatment; and life, not just for them, but for those who love them, has been very drastically changed in many ways…. One never knows what the next breath might bring. I read all the time of men and women who have conquered adversity in one form or another, the loss of a child, a terminal pronouncement, or financial ruin. There is, within us, strength to fight, determination to endure, and some find it more so than others. We are individuals. To all, though, God extends Himself, an ever present source of promise, a commodity that serves us much better when such reality is fused in the depths of who we are and not just floating around in our cerebral matter…..

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