Friday, July 22, 2011


My wife just departed for her regular Friday morning appointment with the hairdresser, the granddaughter yet asleep, this being her fifth consecutive day visiting with us, a practice that I’m embracing for as long as it lasts (she does turn eleven in a few weeks). Summer vacation is rapidly coming to a close, the heat the last few days like an oppressive blanket over all and the swimming pool the only escape. My two small air-conditioners, one positioned at either end of the house, are not enough to eradicate such temperatures and our fuse box wasn’t built to stand the strain of additional wattage. Nonetheless, we survive. Beth’s world, other than the climate change, yet revolves in a normal, consistent, chaotic chain of events: the laundry is an eternal chore, the house is a “mess”, someone needs something and needs her to accomplish it. Relaxation is a television set, in the evenings, Fox News filling in any and all space where her few likes have been reduced to re-runs. Me? I help when needed and join her occasionally for a dose of O’Reilly, Huckabee, or maybe even Kyra Sedgwick on “The Closer”, enjoying some of those detective series until they seemingly turn into nothing more than pornographic soap operas. For the most part, though, admittedly, I “live in my mind”. In truth, I don’t just “live” there, I go exploring there, looking under rocks, examining intrusions, theorizing what-ifs, my very existence, a matter of mental “escape”, an oasis that keeps me in focus, taking me to an even deeper river flowing from on high. Putting things down on “paper” affords me the chance to better sort it all out, every breath I breathe and the next step providing fuel for the fire.....


  1. Jim,
    Your pondering and exploring in your blog are always thoroughly enjoyable and I think you're onto to something with these recent blogs even if you're not receiving many comments.
    Your blog is not only fuel for the fire so to speak but to me it seems it's also a search not for the ONE correct answer but for what are the DIFFERENT right answers.
    Not only are you creating new ideas, you're also creating some excellent new answers!
    Vaš stari priljatel

  2. Joe,

    I have tried this thing twice using my Google account and it hasn't taken yet. Maybe this time in a different fashion: Wanted to say that if Jesus is "the answer", that doesn't mean we have conquered "truth" in our salvation. He is bigger than our perception, more than we can contain in our little box. Always, there is the next step and another lesson to be learned...