Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Mental Illness........................."

Current news is usually not something that occupies my thoughts here. This recent tragedy in Norway, however, is an exception, such senseless disregard for life obviously calling for some explanation as to what would so corrupt a man’s mind, bring him to insanity. I hold no answers, but do repeat descriptions of the fellow declaring him to be both: a “Freemason, Rome-leaning, Protestant fundamentalist” and an “anti-Marxist, anti-Nazi, pro-Israel, anti-multicultural” man with a lot of problems. If just half of those labels are true, it seems to me what we’re looking at is a Timothy McVeigh clone providing plenty of fuel for the claim that Christianity has its own share of “jihadists”, evidence enough that religion, alone, doesn’t cure humanity.…Driving out to church this morning, I as treated to a rare sight, at least one not normally encountered in the suburbs. Two wild turkeys came from the far side of the four-lane highway leading about eight babies, the brood probably able to fly, but everybody walking anyway, ignoring traffic and finally hopping a concrete wall on the other side to reach the creek. As to why they crossed the road in the first place, I have no idea. Nature is nature. Life happens….Most certainly, in our possessing “intelligence”, we are more than “beasts”, but there are no guarantees, no magical formulas preventing stupidity, eliminating evil. If animals act out of instinct, men are prone to follow whatever passion grips their heart and, if that’s not been filtered through a genuine relationship with the Creator, error is always possible. EVERYbody’s on a journey. It matters to whom we hand the reins……

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