Wednesday, July 6, 2011


My wife, like many others, is shocked at the final verdict pronounced in the Casey Anthony trial, indeed the entire country seems aghast. While what little I have learned and witnessed of this mother’s personality and character, however, gives me reason to suspect her capable of it, yet there apparently never was any real evidence gathered to prove the accusation; and, had it been I, sitting there among the twelve, my own stone would have been likewise dropped in the dust. Don’t invite me to the lynching. It’s who I am… Beth thinks me a bit weird, running bath water completely out of the one spigot, steam still arising from its surface, its depths scalding my skin upon entry. A shower is preferred, but only if its flow can transform that whole area into a sauna. What I like is to sweat, to surrender all my strength, all of my inner being, all that I know to exist within me being released through my pores; and then stepping beneath the spray for a cleansing. For me, it is much like physical prayer… Jesus once told Peter that those who have once been “washed” need but their “feet” ministered to on a regular basis. His instruction, though, was spiritually directed, not so much to a man’s lower limbs, but to that which affords us internal footing, that connection with our Father re-established in Him. We all, one day, will face judgment. Life, in the meantime, enforces its own system wherein we “reap what we sow”; and I’ve got my hands full with “me”…….

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