Saturday, July 23, 2011


In spite of all the torrential rain that blew through here during the Spring months, I noticed, on my walk this morning, that the park creek was down to no more than a pool here, a pool there, joined by an arterial flow yet trickling, making its way across bedrock. Whether the heat or just my mood lately, this was my first attempt at exercise since Monday and the creek spoke to me of life, in general, ups, downs, highs and lows, another breath, another day, you just keep moving. If that sounds monotonous, well sometimes it is, on the exterior, anyhow.
Deeper in is another flow, however, pools that feed my soul, spiritual waters fed from a stream not of this world…. My mind goes full-time on such journeys. Sweat proving my pace adequate for an old man, one foot after the other in mechanical cadence, and my thoughts turning over Christianity as a whole, I ponder Church history, where we are today as the Body of Christ, where someone like me fits into it all. Too easy to just follow the crowd, likewise, to chase one’s own opinion into rebellion. For me, truth is a connection, a reconciliation with a Reality who verifies such relationship as we go; and, truth is, that means, in my case at least, a stumble down the path…. Nearing the small bridge that leads me back home, it occurred to me that so often I tell others, in ministry, how we exist mostly in our heads, but God meets us in our “bellies”. I do believe that, having so often experienced that place where “two become one”. Providing some formula that automatically ensures our ability to descend unto such oasis, though, is beyond me. It just “happens”; and frequently, it seems, it just “happens” when I’m focused, in whatever manner, on Him……

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