Thursday, September 8, 2011


Wednesday evening’s Bible study population appears to be growing. That doesn’t surprise me, though, for a number of reasons. In the first place, the instructor isn’t one of those who see such a position as a pulpit built for him to reproduce himself. He leads and he listens, allowing others to bring their views into the lesson. We talk about “life”, about the Word as we have found it to be true, not just chapter and verse as explored through some theological microscope. Scripture is utilized as “undergirding” for our perspectives, but not maintained as being perfect in so far as our understanding of it. We are not trying to convince anyone of our possessing truth. We’re just honestly sharing our journey thus far… There is no class next week because of one of those three or four day “celebrity” revivals (that are much too often more about having “church” than they are about any examination of self) being scheduled instead; and our monthly visit to the rescue mission eliminates my being able to attend the week after. It’s good, though, to have gained another “plum in my pudding”, something in the way of fellowship with believers, healthy discussion that feeds my soul. I have not abandoned the sanctuary. People are people; and I are one of them. He, not me, will judge it all in the end……

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