Thursday, September 22, 2011


Our visit to the rescue mission last night was not one where an overflowing of His presence at any time filled the room. What we did find was fellowship and a unity forged through that which we shared. Upon our entry, one old fellow approached us, wondering if perhaps we might want someone to play the piano. In ten years I’ve never known such an instrument was even there in the building! My son-in-law was receptive to the offer, however, and when his moment arrived, in spite of heartache he presently carries, his sax and those ivories melted into worship. The men were touched. It was Tony, though, who had opened up the evening and had already set the focus for the evening, telling how one of the ladies in our church had approached him Sunday morning with an urgent request for him to teach a class of ten-year olds with only five minutes to prepare. He did; and, in stumbling through the lesson, at one point he had asked the kids if they had ever had an “experience” wherein God became more to them than just a Biblical story, wherein they knew Him in His reality. It surprised him when several raised their hands; but it blew him away when one boy, pressed further to explain how it had felt, gave the following description. “Well”, he said, tilting his head and looking as if he was once again mentally savoring the event, ”It was like breathing for the first time!”… Not the exact words I’ve used, myself, at times, to give image to my own initial encounter, but I am definitely saving it for future witness……

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