Saturday, September 17, 2011


Friday morning, for whatever reason, I started thinking about this nation’s historical roots, me being in no way any sort of authority on the subject, mostly just asking myself “what if” in the sense of where we would be had certain events gone otherwise along the way. I mean like: What if those early patriots had lost the war in their fight for freedom? What if they had remained independent colonies afterwards rather than have merged into a collective group of united states? What if the Confederate Army had succeeded in its attempt to form a separate congressional body? Granted: such pondering has little value in so far as solving our present problems; but looking back helps open our eyes to the truth that we are a society created out of an evolutional process wherein key “forks in the road” determined our identity. For me, as a believer, the question becomes: Was it all orchestrated by God? Has He predestined our course, the whole scenario merely a story He once penned and then sat back, with His arms folded, to watch it comes to life before Him? The atheist, of course, has no “Hand on the helm” to consider and seems content to think it all un-definable, an accident likely to be no more than an illusionary existence; but I, having had faith produced in me based on evidence encountered, dare to poke my finger into the abyss and ponder. What I conclude, or at least thus far, is that, while God already knows the end of the story, our possessing free-will has Him still involved with editing the chapters as we go; and that probably applies to the bigger picture every bit as much as it does to each and every one of us. With that settled for the moment, however, and seeing as how it’s now nearly three a.m. Saturday morning, maybe I can turn the light off and get some sleep……

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