Monday, September 19, 2011


Sunday morning Beth and I shifted sides in church, moving to the right rear pews and allowing her to focus most of her attention on her favorite nephew’s three year-old boys. Whether it was such re-positioning, all of the interaction with the kids, or just an old man’s inability to find the flow, what held my mind through most of worship was the “state” of the worship in general. In looking around me, however, most of the congregation, even though standing to participate in such songs as came forth, appeared to be doing little in the way of what they arose to do. There were a few, of course, who attempted the lyrics supplied on the computer screens up front; and one or two, here and there, who actually had their hands raised, priming the pump and hoping for a connection with that inner well. Nine o’clock, early “old fogie” service? Could be. When the tempo slowed down and the musicians stepped into “How Great Thou Art”, we, at least for a moment, become one with Him… The pastor, referring to that Psalm where David speaks of a hunger to see God’s power and glory as he has seen it in the sanctuary, went on to preach of it being time to “irrigate the desert”, to “water the world” with the anointing of Christ; but, while the thrust of his message was delivered with good intent, I found myself in disagreement with his pointing to us as “a people who know how to pray” and therein seemingly marking us apart from others. It’s true that there are those within our ranks who have bought into this Laodicean theology wherein the Holy Ghost is something we possess rather than the other way around. In 2nd Chronicles, however, it is written that, in seeking His face, we are to “humble ourselves” if we to ensure our being heard. Indeed, “less of me” will produce “more of Him” in almost any manner we may wish to span the gap, in travail, in worship, in witness wherever we go. It’s the key to “success” whether gathered in His name or individually talking to the guy next door about his soul……

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