Tuesday, September 27, 2011


My spare time the last couple of days has been reduced to mostly a last few minutes in my recliner just before turning off the light and going to sleep. I have always thought it was “Spring” cleaning, not some spur of the moment looking- at- Halloween- right- around- the- corner mood that these women get into, when suddenly the house seems dull, drab, and “Wouldn’t this room be much brighter if…? Yep; Beth has decided to paint. For me, that involves moving furniture, stripping walls of pictures and shelves, plus transferring my entire book collection else where. Not that I mind. Manual labor in the form of physical sweat is not all that bad. Having to bend, climb, and fiddle with a wet, dripping roller, an uncooperative brush, is another story. Luckily, she has a younger friend of hers who has accepted the challenge… The other invasion into my “relax-and-do-nothing” space, lately, was accomplished by my granddaughter who is but one more woman with “carte blanche” to do so. Her requests, however, usually tend to challenge me mentally, helping her with math homework or working out some written assignment for English, this latest being a Science project. She looks to me for direction; I learn a few things from her in computer technology; and we both come out of it on the other end a little smarter. This evening we just finished about four hours of “search and capture” (stretched over three days), leaving her with only the task of making a title page for her “Domain Scrapbook”, a short study of life-forms, and I think I hear the theme song for Jeopardy…

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