Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Another drizzly, rainy day in Mudville; but inside the school cafeteria there is life. All the tables are filled with a multitude of children, the volume of their chatter mixed with the garble of all the cooks, monitors, and custodians going about their business serving breakfast as usual. I stop here almost every morning, refill my coffee cup, and relax for a few moments before going to class, catching any left-over items for my personal “Feed the Nurse” program. Tonight we return again to the rescue mission and I’m hoping my sinuses will desist from the dull ache they’re giving my brain right now. My “eggs are in the basket” and, unless the Spirit takes me elsewhere, what I intend on sharing needs no more reviewing. From this point, it’s all a matter of focusing on Him, relaxing in what He brings forth rather than trying to manipulate it with my thinking. The menu is prepared. I’m willing to let Him serve it as He wishes…….

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