Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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My drive into school each day takes maybe twenty minutes, there being two possible routes, but both involving the rear end of rush hour traffic trying to gain entrance to the expressway. It’s a good time, though, for talking things over with God; and, by that, I mean a steady sort of “in and out” flow concerning whatever is on my mind. It’s not like what takes place is always a matter of “prayer”, at least in the sense of my bringing forth any serious petition. There are those moments when burdens do come up out of that inner well; but mostly, on these occasions, I’m simply in a “mental pondering”, asking Him about some point in my personal theology. Trouble is: much too often I catch myself having drifted from all consciousness of His being there; and then, when I finally realize my rudeness and turn back to where He sits patiently waiting, I wonder if, in truth, He isn’t chuckling inside at the old man’s habit to just wander off in the middle of it all. Revival, for me, isn’t about four days of special guest speakers, the church packed with a crowd come to see and hear the celebrities. It is an everyday “boot in the butt” self-examination wherein one is made aware of his humanity, even in Christ, being still alive and kicking. You bury it in grace, take the next step, and walk by the tug on the anchor-line……

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