Monday, September 26, 2011


Our visit to the Youth Detention Center Sunday morning was structured a bit differently, three of my usual team unable to be there this time, my buddy and his wife who always hold the next slot on the schedule welcoming my invitation to strengthen our number. With none of us feeling any inner urge to open up the service, my son-in-law nonetheless agreed to assume that position, filling such space with the melodic flow of his saxophone, but simply yielding the floor to others afterwards. The door had been opened, however; and the message, as brought forth from that point, fell on ears willing to hear. From beginning to end, though shared by three individuals, remained focused on Christ not just being the initiator of one’s faith, but an abiding hope, as well, to whom we can return again and again. There were no girls in the room on this occasion. About twenty-five teenage boys sat before us, less than a fifth confessing to any sort of church fellowship, all present professing a belief in God, and only two who were willing to raise a hand in response to my asking if any there had ever touched Him in some way as to convince them of His reality. We were there a little less than an hour and final prayer just “felt” good. Indeed, some of them expressed pleasure when I mentioned that we would be back again next weekend. For me, this is as good as “church” gets……

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