Thursday, September 15, 2011


My sister-in-law recently enthusiastically recommended I read “Heaven Can Wait”, the story of a preacher’s son, a pre-schooler, who claims he spent three minutes with Jesus during a hospital stay wherein it looked like he might die from a ruptured appendix. Did he actually temporarily experience death? The book, written by his father, is a continual account of the boy surprising his parents afterwards with descriptions of what took place, a piece here, a piece there, each one “Biblically solid”, in agreement with that which the Scripture suggests to us. Having it revealed through the innocent eyes of a child is somehow supposed to all the more confirm the truth unto us. This old man, however, thus far, tends to take it all “with a grain of salt”; and I say that not wishing to offend anyone, not meaning to imply an unbelief on my part concerning a man’s final destination being eternal life either with the Creator or separated from Him in a place of torture. What I have a hard time with is all that can be found for sale on the store shelves representing, supposedly, Christian theology, all the tales told from the pulpit in the last thirty-nine years, said to be true and simply swallowed hook, line, and sinker because a preacher shared it. Salvation is not, in its entirety, something that any of us will ever be able to explain in so far as breaking it down into its components with perfect definition. In the end, it will yet be He who verifies our individual denominational interpretations of the matter. What I maintain is that, even NOW, one can at least know a day-by-day connection with His anchor-line, a constant check on our status, a rod and staff “correctional GPS”, and faith renewed as we go. Nothing wrong, of course, with a “witness” from whomsoever. Without His affirmation, though, it’s received by me and stored for further consideration……

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