Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Turn, Turn, Turn................"

Time marches on (or so they say); but, in reality, it knows only such measurement as men assign it, dividing it into as minute a space as a nanosecond, or lumping together several decades and calling it an era. We mark it off in spans denoting the length of someone’s life. We put it into a recipe as a directive for how many ticks it takes to bake a cake. Regardless, whosoever walks therein from one point to another, and whatsoever is formed within its flow will know change in one way or another. Creation fundamentals that hold the universe together may remain the same; mathematic principles, no doubt, are set in concrete as well; and humanity, trapped in its Adamic nature, is a “given” from the cradle to the grave. The Bible may well refer to believers having become “new creatures” via a born-again experience; but, while an inner Holy Ghost reconnection does extend unto us resources previously not part of our spiritual make-up, it doesn’t alter our identity in so far as turning us into pillars of perfection. People, even people “in” Christ, are yet people. Demanding a rearrangement of our routine, a restructuring of the pattern to which we’ve become accustomed unnerves us; but, for me, it is a question of whether or not God is in the matter. Is it He asking me to realign my thinking, or is it no more than the world trying to have me “follow the herd”? Hard-headed old man or a heart hungry to know Him in the next step? Sometimes I wonder……

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